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About Integral Inventories

We understand the importance of local knowledge which is why all of our clerks work within close proximity to you. With our state-of-the-art cloud based inventory software which backs up all work and digital photographs internally and externally, we are able to turn all of our reports and assessments around within 24/48 hours, so they can be back on your desk and in your possession as quickly as possible. All our inventories contain a detailed description of a properties decor, walls, doors, ceilings, flooring, kitchen appliances, meter readings with photographs and locations, and condition of the garden (where applicable).

Experience has taught us that most customers don’t care about our internal systems but they do care about service. With our 24/7 call handling service, we ensure that when we say we’ll do something we don’t forget. We do whatever it takes to give our customers an amazing experience. If we don’t deliver, we give them their money back. No Arguments.

We also understand the costs that can be involved in running your own office, with things like high street rents, fleet vehicle expenses, staff wages and employee associated costs often eating into your bottom line, so you can outsource your inventory business and assessments to us on an ad-hoc basis and utilise our experience and professional services as an extension of your own organisation, helping you to ultimately reduce your own overheads.

With the growth of the Buy to Let market there are many inexperienced landlords (and unfortunately still a small number of agents) who think that taking some photographs of their property are sufficient. They will only find out that an inventory consisting of photographs or a few notes is not worth the paper it’s printed on when they are unlucky enough to have a problem with a tenant.

As members of the AIIC (Association of Independent Inventory Clerks) and ICA (Inventory Clerk Association), Integral Inventories produce high quality reports that meet the criteria required of them and focus on the information relevant should there be a dispute. Every property is different in its make-up and condition and we provide descriptive but concise reports to reflect this not tick list inventories. We retain all Inventory documents for seven years.

We provide a flexible, friendly service at prices we believe are the most competitive in the counties we operate in, and it’s working, with Integral Inventories fast becoming the number one choice for Landlords, Agents, Local Councils, Housing Associations and Tenants throughout the East Midlands and East Anglia.