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Why Have An Inventory?

An inventory gives clarity to the relationship and makes certain that there is no dispute as to the contents of the property or their state, thus avoiding time consuming and potentially costly disagreements. It forms part of the contract between the landlord and tenant and some landlords do not realise that although descriptions can appear uncomplimentary, it is these descriptions that will allow them to prove whether a tenant has caused damage or is liable for cleaning costs etc.

Who Requires One?

Every landlord and tenant should have an inventory together with a Check-In report for the property that is being rented out as part of the legal documentation relevant to the rent.

Who Should Compile The Inventory?

This report should be done by a trained inventory clerk and advisably, one which is a member of the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC). The impartial and professional compilation of the report is viewed very favourably should the Inventory be required to settle a legal dispute, rather than if it is done by the landlord.

Is It Necessary For An Unfurnished Property?

Absolutely. An Inventory, together with a Check-In report, does not only cover the furniture contained within the property but also the property itself in terms of the condition of the walls, woodwork and carpets together with the kitchen appliances, bathroom suite, garden etc. If a part of the property is not listed in the Inventory, for example a door, and subsequently suffers damage it would not be covered legally.

Do Your Floor Plans Provide Dimensions?

Yes, we can create with and without dimensions, dependent upon your requirements. We can also provide you with the script to embed floorplans into your own website if necessary.

What Do You Include A Virtual Tour?

Our 360 degree virtual tours usually start outside your property and provide a fully immersive, interactive experience, as if your customers were walking through your property, business, showroom, school or cafe in real time. Again, we can provide you with the code to embed the virtual tours into your own website, if required. 

How Long Do Your Reports Take To Turn Around?

Typically, are inventory reports, virtual tours and floor plans are turned around within 48 hours.